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Strange Hours -curious typography & creative design-

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downloads: U-FLART and Igors Amalgamated membership cards

U-FLART card
Igors Amalgamated card

download the U-FLART card {364k}
download the Igors Amalgamated card {268k}

Better pay! Improved healthcare coverage! Pension funds for workers everywhere! Unionize now!

Join the Union of Flunkeys, Lackeys & Allied Redshirt Trades -or- the Igors Amalgamated, and together we will have the power to bring the Machinations of Evil to a grinding halt until our demands are met! Think of the power!!!

These Official Membership Cards™ are available for the Public Good as a pair of downloadable pdfs. A quantity of ten cards per page; cardstock not included. A light spray of artist's fixative is suggested to prevent smudging if printed on an inkjet. Nearly invisible dotted lines provide ease of cutting. Help us to help others identify the smouldering pile of your remains!

from Strange Hours Creations

© 2003-2006
Jennifer Fabian

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