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downloads: Snapetease

Snapetease is a do-it-yourself refrigerator magnet originally created by Morgen Bell at Polychroma. At the original site you can download the potions master along with several outfits. At Morgen's prompting however, I've added to his wardrobe (this is known as egging me on).

Directions: Print out the .pdf of your choice onto glossy photopaper and spray with artist's fixative to prevent smudges. Adhere to a sheet of flexible, adhesive-backed magnet available at your local craft store. Cut out carefully with an exacto knife - some articles of clothing are more delicate than others. Hours of fun dressing up the professor (and alarming your acquaintances) await!

Hula time!

download the Hawaiian Hula pdf {896k}

Contains: one (1) hula skirt, one (1) lei, one (1) hibiscus flower for behind the ear, one (1) coconut bra, one (1) cool refreshing beverage, and one (1) bottle of Severus Snape's Sun-Be-Gone, for dungeon pale skin.

Ooooh, leather pants

download the Leather Pants pdf {140k}

Contains: one (1) poofy white shirt suitable for use with either costume, one (1) pair of lederhosen, one (1) set of hiking boots, one (1) Tyrolean hat with feathers, one (1) stein of butterbeer, one (1) pair of leather pirating pants, one (1) gun belt with pistol, one (1) sash, one (1) pair of clunky boots, one (1) cutlass, one (1) vest for buckling swashes, one (1) headscarf, & one (1) eye patch.

These pantaloons are giving me a wedgie...

download the Shakespearean Player pdf {348k}

Contains one (1) floppy hat with feather, one (1) lace ruff, one (1) long sleeved doublet, one (1) set of pantaloons with gartered hose, one (1) cape, one (1) sleeveless doublet, one (1) poofy white shirt to be worn under the sleeveless doublet, & one (1) skull suitable for spouting soliloquies to.

Remus J. Lupin, you will pay for putting ideas into their heads. This I swear.

download the Rocky Horror Picture Show pdf {1.2M}

Contains one (1) corset with laces, one (1) pearl necklace, two (2) fingerless mesh gloves, one (1) set of garters, garterbelt, fishnets, and platform shoes, & one (1) reptilian green feather boa.

Professor Snape can also be seen doing the Timewarp here. Great is my shame.


download the Roman Emperor pdf {72k}

Contains: one (1) linen tunic, one (1) breastplate, one (1) armoured leather skirt, one (1) toga picta for festive occasions, two (2) leather sandals, one (1) goblet for quaffing wine, & one (1) gilded laurel wreath

Professor Snape, I presume?.

download the Safari pdf {72k}

Contains: one (1) khaki shirt with cravat, one (1) pair of khaki shorts with cargo pockets, one (1) pith helmet, two (2) hiking boots with stockings, one (1) butterfly net, one (1) machete for hacking at undergrowth, one (1) magnifying glass, and one (1) jar of specimens

With bells on..

download the Morris Dancer pdf {232k}

Contains:one (1) crisp white shirt with buttoned vest and armbands, one (1) pair of crisp white knickerbocker breeches, one (1) bowler hat with ribbons, two (2) sturdy boots with stockings, two (2) sets of bells to adorn the knees, two (2) handkerchiefs, & two (2) sticks [one for either hand]


There are things done over the course of one's life that you eventually regret. Things done under the influence of chemicals, perhaps. Things done in the foolishness of youth. Things done on a dare. And so it came to pass that one year I was dared to make VillagePeople!Snape for the twelve days of Snapeteasemas. No, I don't know what I was thinking either. It is presented to you here in three parts:

Wild, wild west

download pt i: Cowboy & Indian pdf {2.1M}

Contains one (1) feather headdress, one (1) beaded vest, one (1) leather loincloth, one (1) tomahawk, three (3) leather armcuffs, two (2) hairy boots, one (1) bandana, one (1) shirt with leather vest, one (1) pair of rodeo chaps, one (1) gunbelt, two (2) revolvers, one (1) lariat, two (2) cowboy boots, & one (1) cowboy hat.

Macho, macho men

download pt ii: Construction Worker & Biker pdf {388k}

Contains one (1) blue work shirt, one (1) pair of jeans with tool belt, one (1) screwdriver, two (2) work boots, one (1) leather jacket with gold chains, one (1) manly mustache, one (1) captain's hat, one (1) pair of jeans with leather biker chaps, & two (2) leather boots.

We want you as a new recruit

download pt iii: Sailor & Motorcyle Cop pdf {400k}

Contains one (1) sailor's shirt with necktie, one (1) sailor's hat, one (1) pair of bellbottoms, two (2) boots with spats, one (1) shirt and leather jacket with badge, one (1) necktie, one (1) motorcycle helmet, one (1) pair of breeches with gunbelt, nightstick, handcuffs and jackboots, & one (1) walkie talkie.

Disclaimer: All vector pushing done by Jennifer Fabian, 2003-06. Quelle horreur.
With apologies: the character of Snape belongs to J. K. Rowling, Scholastic Books & Warner Bros. Alan Rickman belongs to himself.
For entertainment purposes only, no copyright infringement intended.

© 2003-2006
Jennifer Fabian

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