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works on paper: The Hogwarts Tinies

The Hogwarts Tinies or, After the Rowling

A series of illustrations for Catriona Mackay's Harry Potter parody of Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies, executed in Gorey's signature style of pen and ink. A work of entertainment and amusement only.

A is for Albus, who choked on a sweet.
B is for Bill who drank wolfsbane juice neat.
C is for Cho who expired from grief.
D is for Dobby, purloined by a thief.
E is for Errol, nibbled by doxies.
F is for Fleur who succumbed to some poxes.
G is for Gilderoy, hung up by his chin.
H is for Harry, by dementors done in.
I is for Igor, speared with a wand.
J is for Justin who drowned in a pond.
K is for Krum, devoured by a dragon.
L is for Lucius lying under a wagon.
M is for Myrtle, struck dead in a loo.
N is for Neville who wants to die too.
O is for Olympe, stuffed in a bin.
P is for Parvati, stabbed by her twin.
Q is for Quirrell, gored by a quill.
R is for Ronald who rolled down a hill.
S is for Severus locked in a tomb.
T is for Tom who became You Know Whom.
U is for Uncle V pounded by wizards.
V is for Vincent, relieved of his gizzards.
W is for Winky, by manticores bitten.
X is for Xerxes who didn't get written.
Y is for You Know Whose yet unknown fate.
Z is for Zabini, Blaise, the late.

With apologies, the culprits:

Miss Catriona Mackay, alchemist, author & arranger of syllables
Miss Chronographia von Strangehours, one-woman illustrative deathsquad

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© 2003-2006
Jennifer Fabian

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