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downloads: Deathly Hallows prediction stickers

Borders' Snape stickers

Borders' Snape prediction stickers

The Deathly Hallows Prediction Stickers for Those Other Slytherins

Borders recently sent me an email notice that if I registered with them now for the seventh Harry Potter book, I would be graciously allowed to have a sticker declaring my opinion about a certain potions master with a button fetish.

And so I said to myself, "Self! How is it that book seven is all about SNAPE? His name, last time I checked, was not in the title. When you get right down to it, o Self, Snape is turning into a scene-stealing, melodramatic diva of the highest order. Aren't there other Slytherins whose fates we are equally concerned about? Why should they not have stickers predicting what will happen to them in this final book? Eh?! Interrobang it, this must be remedied at once."

those other Slytherins

Download the pdf file for the Slytherin of your choosing and print on letter-sized ink jet sticker paper, availiable at your local office supply store or craft store. Spray with glossy artist's fixative to prevent smudging and allow to dry. Nearly invisible dotted lines provide ease of cutting. Individual stickers measure 4" x 2.5". A quantity of of eight per page. Proclaim your expectations from book seven in sticker form!

· Draco is screwed either way [3 MB]

· Lucius still has better hair than you [2.2 MB]

· Millicent is giving it all up for a career
in Mexican wrestling
[3 MB]

· Slughorn is in an undisclosed location [2.6 MB]

· Blaise does not care about your damned war [3.3 MB]

· Regulus mocks you from beyond the grave [3.2 MB]

· Bellatrix will mess your shiznit up [2.8 MB]

· Pansy will finally get the character development
she deserves
[2.6 MB]

· multipack of all eight [2.9 MB]

· Snape is one sexy mofo [2.9 MB]

from Strange Hours Creations

Disclaimer: All vector pushing done by Jennifer Fabian, February 2007. Quelle horreur.
With apologies: All previously mentioned characters belong to J. K. Rowling, Scholastic Books & Warner Bros., although their predicted fates at this point in time do not. The original sticker presumably belongs to Borders Books, which I parody oh-so-lovingly. For entertainment purposes only, no copyright infringement intended. There is no possible way I could be making money from this. Really.

© 2003-2006
Jennifer Fabian

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