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A hapless Amèlie poseur
a hapless Amèlie poseur

Name: Jennifer C. Fabian

Occupation: creative designer

Resumé - pdf

First design job: 1983. Arranging and organizing mother's bookshelf by font. Note: was not able to read at the time.

Interests: art, typography, design-fu, astronomy, theatrical technology and power tools, small intricate things, the printed word, polaroids, making tea, drinking coffee, obsessing about architecture, cellos, really long scarves, full-contact origami, shiny things.

About the site: Est. in April of 2003, Strange Hours is a Taurus. It's now in its third incarnation - which is still grey, curiously enough. It was made entirely on a Macintosh and lovingly hand-coded in TextEdit.

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Jennifer Fabian

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