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09 . March . 07 This Modern Victorian Era Has Arrived

The Snow Machine
The Snow Machine

Strangehours dot com has become steam powered! The good folks who run the EFF-Austin bash during SXSW have asked me to contribute some work to their steampunk-themed interactive showcase this year. For everyone not in Austin, TX this March, you can take a peek at my Modern Victorians who've installed themselves in the Works on Paper section.

If you don't find that riveting enough, you can also download some new goodies to keep yourself amused - a new Snapetease set and stickers that have nothing whatsoever to do with potions masters. (Ok, so that last one might be a little bit of a fib.)

29 . May . 06 Cabana Boy Not Included

Strange Hours link bauble
link baubles abound

Lazy summer breezes are wafting through the window and the lemonade is nicely chilled - the perfect time for an update. A smart and slick set of business cards for photographer Kristian Thacker awaits you in the design section. You can also check out the deluxe assortment of the design sampler, or adorn your website with a link bauble.

Please remember: strangehours dot com is not swimming pool safe.
Safety first and all that.

05 . March . 06 Springtime Fresh!

Fashion! Turn to the left.
new icons
from endsend

Strange Hours Creative Design has undergone a digital metamorphosis! Everything is new (except, of course, for what's old).

There are new sections for you to explore and new downloads for your viewing pleasure, all in a fresh new layout. Welcome.

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